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Black & Decker SS-12 12v Cordless Drill/Driver Tool


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In need of a cordless drill with good quality but on a budget?

Fear not I’m here to help you pick out the best drill on the market. Well that was an over statement… This might not be the best drill on the market but it is a the best cheap cordless drill with hundreds of great reviews on

Finding a cordless drill with decent quality can be difficult because we have all heard the saying, the more cheap an item is, the less quality it will provide you but that’s not always the case especially with this drill so I’m going to providing you with an in depth review with specifications as well as the reasons why you should consider purchasing this cordless drill.

What are some notable specs of this drill?

Its a cordless drill obviously powered by 12 volts weighing in at 5 pounds. Variable power comes included with this drill as well as a battery so you can get working as soon as the drill arrives at your door.

Its very easy to operate and when it comes to revolutions per minute automatic adjusting speeds, this cordless drill has that special feature built in so you wont have to manually adjust drill bit speeds all the time.

Is there any type of option to adjust to speeds you desire?

Yes there is! There are two speed switch modes that you have to choose from. They include 0-400 revolutions per minute (rpm) , while the other one includes 0-1200 revolutions per minute.

The kit also comes with a 3/8 meta; chuck and the drill itself as a high and low indicator for speed and battery.

How good is the motor? What is its limit?

The motor is actually really good! Its a high torque motor that can handle lots of things. It can drill through the hardest and deepest of things also depending on what drill bit you use.

The motor is of high torque and can drill through anything up to 130 pounds of force while the metal chuck provides durability for both the motor and the drill bit which is really impressive for a low budget drill!

Is the battery rechargeable and removable?

Why of course! The manufacturer Black and Decker offers lots of flexibility when it comes to removing the NICAD battery which is included with this drill and charging it and has made the whole process really simple. Keep in mind the battery charger that comes with this kit can only take a output of 110V , not 220V or anything else.

It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery after its completely dead. As for the battery charging ? You do not need to remove the battery to charge the battery, this drill comes with a plug and go system so whenever you need to use it again all you have to do is pick up the drill off of the charger and your ready to get working.

Some cordless electric drills have batteries that are not removable and that can be a struggle most of the time if something happens to the battery you cant just replace it and that resorts to you sending your whole drill into the manufacturer and that equals , more money spent.

So not only does the removable battery help with convenience but it also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Are there any special features that come with this drill?

Well yes there is of course! Some of these features were already mentioned before but some special features include that fact that it is compact, the battery is removable and easily replaceable.

It has a strong durable frame with a 3/8 chuck and a high torque motor which can drill through anything up to 130 pounds of force , also a special automatic speed adjusting rpm(revolutions per minute) mode , and an option to switch between different speed modes like 0-400 rpm and 0-1200 rpm.

What do customers have to say about this drill?


There are a lot of positive reviews on this drill. As a matter a fact, its rated 4.3 out of 5 stars! Customers say they do not regret purchasing this cordless drill because it provides them with flexible options and its very easy to use!

The most notable thing about this drill that customers who have purchased this thing find very appealing is the flexibility you get when it comes to adjusting the speeds, the automatic speed adjusting mode, as well as the fact that it comes with a removable battery that is easily replaceable.

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One particular customer reports “I’ve been using this like crazy since moving into my house- hanging pictures and curtain rods, putting together furniture, drilling holes into brick with masonry bits. For a cheaper drill this really holds up.

I even used a larger drill bit to bore bigger holes in my metal bed frame when my headboard’s bolts didn’t fit through the holes. It stood up to that, too. Why spend a ton on a drill when this does everything I can think of around the house?”.

Very true , this drill does the job any handyman needs out of a cordless drill for a much lower price, why settle for something more expensive?

Feel free to read the reviews here.

Final Verdict?

From personal experience, I would give this a 5 star!

Why whats so special? There is a lot of special things about this cordless drill like all of the things listed in the special features section. Black and Decker did a good job in making this thing user friendly because it is sure very easy to use and handle with.


Its anything a carpenter or house worker would need when it comes to low budget cordless drills. I rate this the best cheap cordless drill in my book and I would recommend it for anyone to buy since it offers flexibility and is economical when it comes to cost and replacing parts.

I hope this helped you pick out the best cordless drill out there!

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