Best Rated Electric Bicycles – Great Ratings!

Ever wondered what the best electric bicycles on the market are?


You aren’t alone, I’ve wondered many times as well. There are so many listings out there that its crazy and almost impossible to choose from.

This is why I compiled a small list of the best rated electric bicycles that exist on the web and where you can purchase them as well as the experiences customers had with them in order to determine which bike best suites your needs.


What types of electric bikes can I choose from? 

You have many options when it comes to choosing an electric bike. Its sort of like choosing a regular bike in the aspect of choosing what type of bike you actually need and the different categories of bikes you can choose from.

Some of these include:

  • Road Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Hybrid Bikes
  • BMX Bikes
  • Folding Bikes

and so on…

yes there are electric bicycles that are in each category of a type of bicycle, feel free to look at them here.

However yes as I stated before, there are a lot of electric bikes you can choose from but which ones are the best? Ill leave three of the best rated bikes for you to check out below and my thoughts and recommendations on them.

Here are some of the best rated electric bicycles:

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike


Product: Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike


Best place to buy:


My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




When it comes onto ‘riding electric with a mountain bike’ this bike definitely ranks the highest when it comes to the highest rated electric bikes in the mountain bike category.

The quality of this bike is outstanding , its loaded with an aluminum alloy frame for durability, its definitely what I would like to call premium quality.

Shock absorption technology?!

When it comes to mountain bikes , comfort is always a concern and when you are always hitting rocks, the rides can in most cases can get quite bumpy and you feel those bumps.

Luckily however this bike is loaded with shock absorption technology so it wont be as noticeable and this bike is even packed with 3 speed smart mirror button! How cool is that?!

How about some gearing up? This electric bicycle has a 21 speed transmission system so you can travel at any speed you like to fulfill the needs of your adventure. There are also gear disc breaks that are located on the front and back wheels of the bicycle. This bike travels speeds up to 15 mph.

How safe is the battery? Does it perform well?


Indeed , yes it does perform very well. The 36V Lithium battery that is on this bike is very safe and was engineered for the safety of the customers who ride this bike. Its equipped with a Lithium smart charger mode so you know when its fully charged and the battery will not over charge.

What are some modes this bike comes with?

Image result for Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

There is a E-Bike and assisted bicycle mode. Essentially the E-Bike mode is used if you really want to get an exercise session mode and the assisted bicycle mode is more for it you want the bike to travel for you, I do highly recommend combining both for a much better experience.

How do customers view this bicycle,what are their experiences?

Its rated 5 stars!

For the most part, they are all positive. This electric bicycle provides everything a person would ever expect and need. The durability, the smart charging mode, and the way the bike rides all make this bike a much better experience when it comes to ‘getting the wow experience out of a bike’.

Image result for Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

One customer reported to have fell off the bike at around the 500 mark not because the bike was not safe enough but just because they were going to fast and it seemed like the bike got pretty beat up.

Image result for Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Even after that incident , this electric bicycle still operated strong and they had no problems with it whatsoever which shows that the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is very durable and lasts a long time. Do I recommend? very much so!

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Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike

Product: Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike


Best place to buy:


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


A folding electric bicycle ?!

Yes indeed, this is probably one of the most notable features of this electric bike, it folds and its awesome!  Forget having to pack big with this bike, you can always travel small with this because the manufacturer designed it so it can be taken anywhere.

Its packed with a 250w motor which is water proof by the way that has capabilities of traveling speeds of 15 miles per hour so riding with this bike in any type of weather is definitely not a problem.

How safe is the battery? Does it perform well?

Yes it does! As a matter a fact for a bonus, the battery is small and portable to support the folding feature. This 36V Lithium ion battery is powerful keeping the battery going for a distance of 25-31 miles before having to ride the bike manually. It takes this battery approximately 4-6 hours to become fully charged.

What are some features this bike comes with? 

Basically like any other electric bike, E-Bike and assistance mode. You have the choice of either riding your bike manually which will preserve more battery life or cruising around with the electric feature without really riding which will consume the battery life.

The life of the battery depends on how its used for the most part. There is even a height limit of 5 ft 2 and an age limit of 14 and up.

How do customers view this electric bike? What are their experiences?


They are positive!

This electric bike isnt perfect as the operation of this bike can get a little complicated and referring to the manual can be pretty helpful but what customer wants to constantly refer to the manual and have to practice riding on something when they can just ride it without a problem right? The design and durability are good however and the whole folding capability is a genius design.

Its even good at handling hills which means the Lithium battery in this electric bike must be good. I think the whole practicing thing before getting the hang of riding the bicycle is no big problem because the ride will definitely be worth it. Do I recommend? Most definitely!

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Nakto 26″ Cargo-Electric Bicycle 

Product: Nakto 26″ 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle 6 speed e-Bike 36V Lithium Battery Aadult/Young Adult-Men


Best place to buy:


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars




75 pounds of hard aluminium coming in at a budget this electric bicycle surely packs a punch. To all you readers out there that think this bicycle looks kind of feminine, I totally agree with you but sadly, this is a males bicycle!

How ? But how?

They make separate gender brand bikes, so they have a separate female model which comes in a different color, white I believe.

You can view that model here.

The design is compacted with a low step through frame so its easier to get on the bike.

How safe is the battery? How well does it perform?

The 36V Lithium Ion Battery was engineered for the safety of its customer, meaning that it does not heat up or explode at random moments or due to overheating so thats always a relief.

Image result for Nakto 26" 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle 6 speed e-Bike 36V Lithium Battery Adult/Young Adult-Men

It takes about 6-7 hours to fully recharge the battery and it also gets worn out after riding it for 22-24 miles and reaches speeds up 25 miles per hour which is pretty fast for an electric bike considering they average about 15 miles per hour.

What are some features that come with this bike?

There are some notable features that come with this bike. It comes with a 6 speed shimano gear system so you can easily adjust to your desired speed that fits your vibe. It also even comes with a select-able pedal switch to determine what mode is desired(without pedal = electric mode, pedal = exercise mode).

So it pretty much comes with the same features as any other electric bike plus the fact that it comes with a little light and basket for any delivery boys out there.

How are customer experiences with this bike?

This bike is meh. Its a decent electric bicycle dont get me wrong, it has all the features that a typical electric bike would have but it also lacks some components.

A few customers have reported that the 6 gear system on this bike wasnt how it was described and the throttle was a little off. Its also a very heavy bike so its not really meant for offroading and pushing it can be a bit rough.

The battery also takes forever to charge, longer than average but if none of these things affect you , then by all means go ahead and purchase this bicycle.

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