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Using a tractor mower instead of the traditional lawn mower definitely has its perks like for example, it takes a lot less time to cut your lawn or you don’t have to walk while cutting your grass and when the day is hot and your walking around sweating like a pig, it can really suck.

However, I know a lot of people that think that buying a tractor mower on the internet is pretty taboo and really, its not.

I actually find it to be a bit more convenient because you get it delivered right to your door and the setup is practically simple rather then going to the store picking it up and carrying all the way back to your house.


But how about actually seeing the tractor mower before buying it?


Exactly! that’s the point of this review, since you cant see the things you buy online, I’m going to recommend the best riding tractor mowers that will fit your style which include steering, weight, height, horsepower, and transmission. and have you up and running and cutting your lawn in no time.

I highly recommend you purchase a tractor lawn mower from the internet because there is a much less hassle to get it to your location and the customer service is much more pleasurable!

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Here a just a few of some of the best tractor lawn mowers out there:

Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower, 42″

Product: Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower, 42″

Best place to buy:

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This tractor mower definitely qualifies when it comes to luxury while cutting your lawn, no pun intended.  With an automatic transmission cruising through your field trimming your grass will be just like a breeze considering it has 18.5 hp.

Dont you hate when your cutting your lawn and some of the grass becomes uneven?

you might think its your fault, fun fact however is that most lawn mowers lack a technology called air induction that pushes air through the bottom of the lawn mower so you can get an even cut. This tractor comes with air induction technology so you can always get an even cut.

Having trouble getting on ?

Well the  Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower comes with an fender mounted deck lever which is spring assisted which makes it even more convenient.

This even comes with a 5 year frame and axel consumer warranty just in case anything breaks on your tractor mower because lets face it, lawn mowers always run over things that arent supposed to be cut like rocks for example which could really damage internal parts.

How about washing the grass off the deck, how complicated is it?

Not very complicated. As a matter a fact Husqvarna included a special feature that makes the deck a wash port so you can connect your water hose to the underside of the deck for an easy wash.

What are customer experiences with this tractor? Are they good or bad?

Good news fellas! Mostly good things have been said about the Husqvarna pedal tractor mower. Customers have reported to have an easy and friendly user experience especially with the automatic transmission.

Imagine a stick shift tractor mower? that would just be hell on earth, literally. The only flaw that exists in this system is the way its designed when it comes onto human engineering.

What is that you may ask?

Human engineering is the way the tractor operates when the human is on foot like for example, when the lawn mower needs to be pushed, that can be a little complicated but the good things outweigh the bad for the most part.

you can view the reviews here.

Would I recommend this tractor mower to a buyer ?

I give this a final rating of 4 stars. The Husqvarna pedal tractor is a user friendly mower especially since it has an automatic transmission thats easily shiftable. The customer rating for this riding mower is rated well as well.

Not only does this tractor mower cut even cuts but its also very simple to access and clean the deck with your water hose which saves tons of time.

The only negative thing about this is the human engineering aspect as listed earlier which makes operating the riding mower a bit complicated but shouldn’t be a huge issue since for the most part it has a durable frame and engine.

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Troy-bilt 540cc briggs & stratton automatic ridingmower

Product: Troy-bilt 540cc briggs & stratton automatic ridingmower

Best place to buy:

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

With a nice rigid red body weighing in at about 520 pounds this riding mower comes with the the decency that lots of mowers lack. When it comes to comfort , the troy-bilt comes with a mid ranged seat so anyone can be comfortable.

It seems as though the manufacturer design this thing for comfort because even the steering wheel is equipped with comfortable padding as well as a integrated deck that can detached in order for more convenient cleaning.

It cuts good as well but it could be better, it does have a max speed of 19 horse power but sadly it doesn’t come with the air induction technology like the Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower does so the trims don’t come out as even.

What do customers have to say about this tractor? How good is it?

This is a decent lawn mower in all honesty. Customers love the mow in reverse feature that comes with the automatic transmission and also the manual power take-off which is capable of handling lawns with large areas.

They also like how well built the design structure actually is and a few say quote “It handles better than a john deer”, which can hold for a debate but it seems to perform well on larger scale areas (Larger lawns) so if you have a large lawn this is the perfect riding mower for you.

You can view the reviews here.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? 

I give this a final rating of 3 stars. If I were looking to buy a riding mower I probably would not purchase this due to the fact that a lacks a few key features that are basically needed in a riding mower like for example the air induction technology that is used to make lawns have an even cut.

However it seems as though the manufacturer of this riding mower designed it for comfort rather than perform which it does provide the comfort that you need when mowing your lawn.

The performance could be improved in order to create the maximum experience when mowing your lawn.

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Final say?

Both of these riding mowers have good quality and both cut lawns decently but however all lawn mowers are different.

If I was ever to purchase one of these it would have to  be the Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower because its integrated with the latest technology (e.g. air induction) and provides the comfort that is needed when it comes to mowing your own lawn.

I hope this guide has helped you select the lawn mower that fits your style and if your interested in checking out more options for tractor mowers then refer to the link below, thanks for visiting!

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