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Robbery will always be a problem in this world unfortunately…

Statistics say that approximately over 50% of people surveyed say they have a fear valuable things they possess and own will be gone in due time.

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So sad isn’t it? But how do we solve this problem?

Lock your stuff up! Its a simple answer but some locks just aren’t built for the tech saavy hackers out there that know exactly how to pick a lock.

So whats the solution?

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Using a safe lock has proven itself over the years and security with these will only get better years to come. The question remains embedded in the heads of people though, which safe locks offer quality security?

Before I mention what they are , I’m going to link you to some of the best safe locks out there you can check out on both marketplaces, Amazon and Ebay. Feel free to check them out below!

Check out some Security Safes on Amazon!

Check out some Security Safes on Ebay!



So what are the best safe locks out there? If I don’t like this list, how can I determine which safe locks offer quality security?

When it comes to picking locks, that is something we specialize in so its important to be properly secure.

These are the things you should consider before purchasing a safe:

  • The size of the safe
  • Which security ratings will protect your valuables
  • Not all gun safes are equally secure
  • When its appropriate to use a hidden or wall safe?
  • Best fire rating for your supplies
  • Not to rely on fire resistant safes against burglary
  • The minimum fire rating to protect paper and money
  • Data,media , and or family photos need more protection than a standard fire safe lock provides
  • what type of lock should be chosen for your safe
  • floor safes have great security but little protection against fire

Those are all the things you should lookout for when buying a safe. What are the best safes out there?

1. AmazonBasics Security Safe

There is so  much variety when it comes to the options you have when it comes to the AmazonBasics Security safe. You have the option of picking out what size security safe you need. The lock is electronic and comes with emergency keys just in case for overriding.

What are some key features that come with this lock?

  • The option to choose different sizes
  • Steel bolts as well as pry resistant hinges which are tightly conceiled
  • Made of steel to protect the cosmetics from scratches , dust , and water
  • Reprogrammable digital access
  • The door is extra thick for security reasons of course!

What are some drawbacks of this safety lock?

There is one thing I noticed when it comes onto this lock. If you happen to loose your key and the battery runs out, your basically screwed. How ? you may ask.

Amazonbasics does not send you any more keys after you loose your replacements so you end up having to buy a knock off lock and force pick it in order to get inside and recover all of your belongings.

This really shows that this lock isn’t the most secure and can be picked if the right tool is selected.

However … as stated before , the electronic feature makes this safe lock so much safer than any of the locks I’ve been exposed to!

What have customers who purchased this lock experienced?

Its a great product! Customers have put their trust in the AmazonBasics Security safe to store all of their valuables and the trust from the customers has been proven to be worth it. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon and is amazons recommended safety safe(because its amazon of course), no that’s not the reason!

Feel free to read he reviews here.

A customer in particular who purchased this safe had an interesting experience:

So is the Amazon Basics Security safe a recommended product? Without a doubt since it offers durability, and security you cant go wrong purchasing this security safe. Your belongings are guaranteed to be safely secured.

2.First Alert 2087F-BD

First alert has been known to make the best quality products and this lock is no exception! With its ready-seal hardware and its ability to be resistant to fire at 1700 Fahrenheit for one hour, this security safe comes with all the features you need to store your valuables.

What are they?

First Alert 2087F-BD Features:

  • Waterproof, even at a fully submerged level
  • Pry Resistant hinges
  • fire resistant, up to 1 hour at 1700 F
  • combo lock with emergency key

More information about this product can be found here.

Although there are many good things this Security safe has to offer, there are still some drawbacks that could be addressed when it comes to this security safe.

What are they?

There aren’t many I can think of but first I would like to say that when it comes to securing photographs and or film , this lock was not made for this purpose and if you aren’t careful with the lock it could get jammed so handle it with care.

Customer ratings?

I give it a solid 4 stars. Its a very good product, especially since you can bolt it directly to the floor! Customers who have purchased this security safe have had nothing but good things to say about it. All of the security features and the flexibility provided make this safe all the better.

One particular customer reported:

so clearly this security safe is the deal and I definitely recommend it 100% if you want to keep your personal belongings secure.

3.BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

People might consider the price tag of this security safe to be pretty hefty. Fear not, the price might be steep but the quality is absolutely amazing. 


The amount of space in this thing is absolutely amazing. You can store almost anything in there (dont get any ideas).

Making the most out of the possible security you could use in a security safe, Barska decided to include a fingerprint scanner which will basically keep out any intruders but the person who’s fingerprint is registered and the cool thing is that up to 120 people can register their fingerprints under the permission of the administrator. How cool is that?

What if I get locked out?

Its next to impossible since you never change or loose fingerprints but if you do happen to have your fingerprints changed then this biometric safe comes with 2x spare keys to be sure you wont ever have problems getting in. Its just that good!

What are some drawbacks of this biometric safe?

I wouldn’t say there are problems with the safe except the fact its not fireproof but just the way Barska handles their items. A few customers have reported to have received beaten up products from Barska like this customer:

Don’t worry though because these cases are very few and far from, the quality of this biometric safe is something that no one should miss out on!

Customer ratings?

I give the product a 5 star but the handling from Barska a 3 star. What makes this security safe special is the fact that its biometric and its considered ‘smart’ compared to the other locks.

Its flexibility and space is what is favored among’st many customers who have purchased this product.

For example:

check out the rest of the reviews here.

Final say?

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All of these security safes will keep your personal belongings locked up and stored. Some are fireproof and some are not while all of these are water

Either way you cant go wrong with any of these security safes as they offer the maximum security you need.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Thank you for visiting!


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