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Ever wondered what the best solar company in New Jersey is?

Well I was wondering that for a while as well as I am a New Jersey resident and so are my parents. I wanted my parents to have good solar energy for their house so finding a good one was really important.

I looked through many listings on solar companies offering so called good service but never really found any good services until I found this certain solar service which they are still using to this present day.

My parents managed to save hundreds to even thousands of dollars on their electric bill!

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Imagine what you could do with all the money you save from your electricity bill… You could use that to invest in many things!

Solar Finder is great for houses that have full or at least high exposure to the sun and they also guarantee that you will save at least 20% and higher on your electricity bill.

How awesome is that?!

They will even guide you through there step by step installation on how they install your solar system so you know that this isn’t a scam installation.

Whats required for the installation?


You might be wondering whats required in order to qualify for a custom installation of these solar panels, all you need is an open roof exposed to the sun as mentioned before and you need to own a house, oh and money of course haha!

That is all that is needed! Its honestly really simple and these guys make it really easy to get started using solar energy and cutting down on regular electricity.

So what are the benefits of solar energy, why should I get it?


There are tons of benefits! There are many reasons why solar energy is a better option when it comes to saving money on your home. What are they you may ask?

Well lets start with the fact that when it comes to using renewable energy like solar energy, it will always be available so you wont have to worry about loosing power. You could also harness the energy while being powered by electricity so you could have energy that is stored in another location ready for use right away.

The energy that comes from the sun has been proven to power houses more efficiently than electricity, the only reason why electricity is more widely used is because electrical energy lasts longer than that of the sun.

How about helping the environment?

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Any environmental enthusiasts here? There has to be! Solar energy can help clean the environment by lowering the levels of CO2 that enter the atmosphere because the less electricity that is used, the less CO2 will enter the atmosphere.

CO2 is practically unhealthy for the environment and getting solar panels installed on your roof can help the environment become more healthy and practically prevent global warming.

Im not sure how many people are aware of this but..


There is a pretty cool mode when it comes to switching onto solar power where you could just use the sun’s energy for the entire day instead of regular electricity!

The only drawback to this however is that the sun doesnt shine for 24 hours a day so you could get through most of the day with solar energy, but not the entire depending on how much the sun is out.

Is there a specific cost?


It really depends on the location for the most part. This company services most of New Jersey but your probably wondering which specific parts of New Jersey is service offered?

Sure! Im going to be providing a spreadsheet you can download containing a list of locations this company offers service to.

If you dont find your location on the spreadsheet, I would double check with the company by calling them and asking if they offer service at your location. The number will be provided down towards the end of this page.

Click here to view the spreadsheet of solar targeted geo areas

Whats the best way to contact this company?


Definitely through phone ! You can call them and get a free price quote and if you like the price (the average is about $7-$9 per watt) you can ask them these questions so you can know what exactly if this is the right type of installation for you:

  1. How long does an average solar panel installation take ?
  2. Once the installation is finished, is the solar panel ready for use? If not how long does it take to become ready?
  3. What type of payment do you accept ?
  4. Is there a payment plan?
  5. Does the final cost come to how much solar panels I want installed ?
  6. Do I have the option of including the mode of harnessing solar energy for later use or does it automatically come with the installation?

These are just a few questions you can ask and this will determine whether or not this is the right installation for you. Don’t worry about the customer service as the quality of it is of pretty good!

They will answer all of your questions thoroughly so you can understand what your getting.

To get a free quote Call Now: 732-860-5459


Would you recommend this company to any New Jersey resident?

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Absolutely! It helped my parents in the long run financially. They provide everything you need to start with solar energy as soon as possible.

Flexible options are available when it comes to installing solar panels on your roof like the ability to store energy and use it later on. Finally I would like to say that their customer service is great and they answer your questions thoroughly with no strings attached.

If you want to save hundreds to maybe even thousands of dollars on your electric bill, I would definitely give these guys a call and get a free price quote in order to know if solar energy is right for you.

Click here to visit the website


Call Now: 732-860-5459

Any questions ? Feel free to comment and Ill get back to  you as soon as possible!

Thank you for visiting!





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