cheap ceiling fans sale : best on the market?

Its getting hot and you need something to cool you down…

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A fan of course! Not just any type of fan however , but a fan that can cool the entire room. The only type of fan that will cool down a large room effectively would have to be a ceiling fan.

Theres a problem with this option however….

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When it comes to cost, typically ceiling fans are not your best friend because they can be rather pricey plus having it installed professionally will hike the price up even more!

Wouldnt it be so much better If you knew where to get a cheap ceiling fan? Imagine how much money you could save from costs of ceiling fans! Is it possible to find quality ceiling fans at a low cost ? yes of course! There are even ceiling fans for under a 100 dollars!

What are the best budget ceiling fans though…?


There are a lot of them but I cant include every single one of them in this post so I’ll link them down below for you to go investigate from listings on either Amazon or Ebay, you choice depending on which one you like better, but that’s a debate for another time so feel free to check them out!



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Bala 824038 Four Blade White Ceiling Fan with Light Kit 42″ Blades

Want to experience cool air for a really low price? I’m sure you do and the 42 inch Bala Four blade white ceiling fan offers just that. With a large light on the bottom of the fan , it has a small size but will be enough to light up any room with a decent sized area.

Each of the blades are made of hard plastic that is durable against a lot of things that will eventually get caught up in your fan.

Sadly though however there isn’t a remote that comes with this fan so turning on the light and the fan are going to be a little difficult as you have to pull each of the metal rope switches to turn on and off both the light and the fan.

Are there any special features that come with this ceiling fan?


This is like any normal fan, there are not very much options when it comes to special features with this fan but it really does get the job done really well.

The one thing is that a light isnt included in the kit unlessed specified by the seller so be sure to read what the seller is offering but typically the light has to be bought separately.

What do buyers who purchased this have to say ?

Its a decent fan for its price! Dont expect a lot out of a 40 dollar fan, the only thing you should expect it to do is do its job. Customers have reported on both ebay and amazon that for the price of the fan , it does a great job.

Its small and sleek but if you are on a serious budget and have a larger scale room then purchasing more than one is definitely necessary if you want the job to be done!

One particular customer who purchased this item states , “Good value for money. A little weak at highest speed, but it’s a great deal for 40 buck. It can get quite hot in Texas, I hooked this up to the shed too cool down the two dogs that we keep outside. They love it, and it wasn’t too much work to put together”.  

So is this a product I recommend? Sure if you are on a serious budget then yeah go for it, its a very good quality fan for its price and its also very easy to install!

you can read the reviews here.

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Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

When it comes to staying cool regularly that’s easy but staying cool comfortably? That is just very hard to find which is something the Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan offers.

The Hunter fan company has a good reputation for selling quality fans for a low price and this fan in particular is no exception.

When it comes to cooling this fan does a great job considering it has a powerful WhisperWind motor that spins at a high rpm(revolutions per minute) to deliver silent but good quality performance.

Are there special features that come with this fan?

Yes of course! The Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan offers a really cool feature included inside the WhisperWind motor that allows you to switch between modes (updrift and downdrift) depending on the season in which you are in.

Updrift is a mode on this fan that makes it spin at a higher rpm in order to deliver the quality cooling you need when the weather gets hot in the summer time while downdrifting will make your space slightly cool but not to the point where its freezing cold and this mode is mainly for the winter time.

What do buyers have to say about this fan?

Its great! it has a 4 and a half star rating on with about 934 reviews.

Feel free to check out the reviews here.

Customers who have purchased this fan like the fact that it actually comes with 2x 60 watt bulbs needed to bring light onto the lamp!

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Most fan companies wont include light bulbs on purchase so they can upsell you into buying their special type of light bulb and the glass casing around the bulb for that particular ceiling fan.

The instruction manual is pretty clear and installing the fan is very easy.

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One particular customer who has had 38 years of experience with Hunter fans wrote, “I purchased this fan today, based on long personal experience with Hunter fans, experience which could be useful for you.

Our house has high open-beam ceilings, and in the winter hot air would rise and collect at the ceiling, while a zone of 2 to 3 feet near the floor remained cold. I checked out a store display of ceiling fans, and noticed that the Hunter fans were a lot quieter than the other brands displayed alongside. I purchased one, and installed it in the living room. It solved our heating problem easily and completely, so we decided to put another fan in the kitchen. However, since the kitchen was less than half the size of the living room, we got a cheaper fan of another make, which whined and wobbled, and after two years it quit working. We replaced it with a Hunter.

The living room fan operated flawlessly, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for about 20 years. One day, after stopping the fan to clean the blades, when re-starting we found that the fan would run only at the highest of the three speeds (we use the lowest speed). I telephoned Hunter in Tennessee, and gave them the numbers from the motor housing. They said our problem would be one of two parts, and that they would send them both to us. I said “You haven’t mentioned any price”. “No charge”, I was told, “these fans are guaranteed”. I installed the parts, and the fan worked like new. It has now run continuously, except for the ten-day pause for new parts, for 38 years, while the kitchen fan has run continuously for 36 years without repair.

These fans are quiet, durable, include a balance kit to eliminate wobble, and are among the nicest looking on the market. The rotation direction is reversible, so in the winter you set the fan to pull cold air up from the floor and move warm air down along the walls to warm the room, then in the summer you reverse it to fan air across overheated people. In hot climates the fan can be used at the higher speeds to move a lot of air quickly. I can’t think of another product that has impressed me more than Hunter fans, given their performance and the amazing service, which was needed only once in 38 years”. 

So clearly you can see that this ceiling fan is a good one and I would definitely recommend anyone who is on a budget to purchase this fan as it will offer everything you need.

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Final Say?

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So all in all both the Bala 824038 Four Blade White Ceiling Fan and the Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan are very good fans for purchasing on a budget!

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While the Bala ceiling fan might be a lot cheaper , it doesnt provide as much flexibility as the Hunter ceiling fan when it comes the features that come with the fan as well as the items included such as the 2x 60 watt light bulbs included in the Hunter ceiling fan kit and the updrift and downdrift modes for all the seasons of the year.

I hope this guide helped you pick out the best fan for you!

Any questions? Feel free to comment below and ill get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for listening!

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