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When it comes to finding a budget drone that has a decent camera , that can sometimes be a hassle. Either you buy a cheap drone with horrible camera quality or you end up buying a drone which ends up breaking because the design process wasn’t the best.

I’m going to make it easier on you by providing a complete breakdown of cheap drones for sale with a camera. Of course some of these drones wont have HD level camera quality but it will be satisfactory.

Some of these quadcopters I’ve owned and some I haven’t but I have done thorough research to determine which budget quadcopters were the best to purchase.

Parrot Drone 2.0

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This drone is probably the best one on this list so I decided it would be better to list this first. The Parrot drone 2.0 is my personal favorite and also I even own it personally.

With four medium sized rotors and a nice rigid body, this quadcopter is great for flight. It goes up to 12 miles per hour and can maneuver through many different obstacles depending on how its controlled. It goes up to 12 minutes of flight time while charging it completely would take an hour.

(720P resolution Parrot Drone 2.0 Camera)

It has a 720P camera which live streams directly onto your phone using the parrot ar freeflight app, how convenient right?

No need to buy a control unit when you have your cell phone as a control device for this drone and in my opinion, there are a lot of better drone cameras out there but this one still does the job and fits the description of cheap drones for sale with a camera.

Would I recommend this drone to anyone who wants to purchase it? Definitely ! Its filled with loads of fun and you can get some decent shots from flying this thing.

Potensic Quadcopter

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This drone is loads of fun. The kit comes with everything you could possibly need. From a few extra propellers to a control unit with an 7 inch FPV screen, the experience couldn’t get better than with using this drone.

The controller is very responsive and the quadcopter reacts to the commands as soon as you lay a finger on the control unit. The kit comes with a manual in case you get lost through the setup phase.

The camera is 2MP(This is a smaller drone so megapixel size usually decreases) but is HD.

(Potensic 2MP HD Camera)

This image might not be very clear but the live stream camera quality is actually pretty clear. There are not any fuzzy images or static interruptions when the camera feed is projected onto the screen of the control board.

Would I recommend this quadcopter for purchasing purposes ? Without a doubt! The deal potensic presents with their all in one kit is definitely something any drone hobbyist on a budget should go after!

Coocheer JJRC Quadcopter

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The Choocheer JJRC Quadcopter is basically like a knock off of the potensic quadcopter. This drone comes with a controller and a system that supports both IOS and android meaning you can stream the photos or video directly to your phone. There are also cool little LED lights at the bottom of this drone which make flying this in the night time loads of fun.

(Choocheer JJRC 2MP Camera)

However the camera quality isnt really that great. The camera is 2MP but doesnt come with HD support so the photos and videos come out quite choppy. Is this quadcopter recommended for purchase?

The answer can be either one of two things… If you as a person dont really mind the camera quality and enjoy the manuevering motions of the quadcopter then go ahead and purchase this but otherwise for any photographer enthusiasts that want to take cool decent quality photos in mid air, this drone isnt recommended.

Hornet X12 6-Axis Quadcopter

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This drone is trivial. It does everything the ones above are capable of but it lacks less features. Its hardware is compatible with IOS and Android and photos and videos can be streamed through your device.

Or you have the option of just using a remote control provided with the quadcopter and flying without streaming video or taking photos which gives the user more flexibility.

It also comes with an interesting autopilot feature which makes it maneuver in the left direction even when theres no pilot control meaning this thing is somewhat autonomous.

If your a big fan of drone stunts then this quadcopter can do just that. It has many tricks its capable of performing like turning sideways or doing 360 flips, of course the tricks  depend on how the user controls it.

Incase anyone is curious on camera quality, the hornet x-12 6 axis quadcopter has a 2 MP camera embedded with a 480 x 340 resolution which really isn’t much.

While the camera resolution isnt the best, this quadcopter at least can have up to 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge of 50 minutes which is average for a quadcopter.

So is this quadcopter recommended for purchase? Probably not. It lacks the features anyone would want when looking for a cheap drone for sale with a camera.

Final Verdict?

Related image

When you are on a budget, looking for a drone that suites your needs can be rough. This is why I broke down each and everyone of these quadcopters based on the experiences I had with some of them and read about with others.

The parrot drone 2.0 is  definitely recommended for anyone who is on a budget but could use a decent camera that is ready right out of the box as well as the potensic quadcopter for those DIY enthusiasts that like assembling things with a kit which comes with extra goodies.

I hope this guide helped you pick out the best drone and if you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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