Cheap Electric Go Karts : Amazing Quality!

Its getting to the point in time where either you or your children want to have a go kart you can ride around your area and have loads of fun with.

When it comes to finding a go kart however that is electric and has a low price ticket it can be a struggle to find one.

Good quality go karts with a budgeted price ticket, What…?!

Yes thats right! A lot of people probably will find this hard to believe but there are good quality go karts out their that can fit into anyone’s budget and I’m going to be showing you the best of those go karts so you can have an easier time deciding which ones fit your style.

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Razor Force Drifter Kart

Product: Razor Force Drifter Kart


Cheapest place to buy:


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


When it comes to whopping loads of fun this go kart is definitely listed in that category! I can say this from experience because I drove this before and its amazing!

This is mostly recommended for children because the length of this go kart isn’t really intended to suit adult legs haha! Its loads of fun due to the fact that its really good at drifting as the name of this go kart suggest.

Weaving tight corners , you’ll have the best time racing and possibly beating your friends that have other go kart brands unless everyone you race has this go kart, that’s when things will become a little more competitive.

How fast is this drifter kart?

12 miles per hour is the top speed it can travel. For an adult that might not be fast because we drive but for a child that is more than enough!

It has a good amount of safety features like good breaks that are easy accessible and a steel frame which provides durability to this go kart. It lasts up to 40 minutes on a full charge which takes about 12 hours and weighs about 68 lbs which is ideal for a go kart.

Sometimes however if you get unlucky the replacement parts can be pricey as replacement wheels go for $30 a set and a battery is $60 to replace.

What terrains can it be driven on?

Many, it can even be driven on grass! However I do not recommend driving this go kart on terrains that have lots of pebbles and rocks as they do pose a problem since this drifter kart rides very very low.

If you really want your child to look like an official derby racer then there is a little flag that comes with the kit which requires some assembly.

How do customers (myself included) who purchased this product view it?

Yes definitely rate this product a 4 star!


Although this product has a 4 star rating on They take the average of the reviews but for someone who has used this kart personally I would have to say that this kart is definitely the way to go especially if you plan on buying this for your child!

There are ton of good reviews on this product which you can go look at here.

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Razor Dune Buggy

Product: Razor Dune Buggy


Cheapest place to buy:


My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



It seems like Razor likes to stick to a certain design to implement their go karts! This go kart definitely has a great sleek design. Its powered by a 350 watt electric motor and has a laid back seat with for the most part comfortable cushioning.

Like the drifter kart listed before this dune buggy kart has a throttle and a break press on the steering wheel that is easily accessible.

The wheels are also very durable and last long since they have lots of bumps made to handle even the roughest of terrains.

What is the speed of this dune buggy?

Its a bit slower than the drifter kart topping a speed of 10 miles per hour. I guess Razor implemented this speed for this kart due to safety reasons which can be quite understandable. The kart uses a steel frame for durability and even includes a seat belt on the drivers seat!

How neat is that?! I know what your thinking… there’s got to be other cool things that this kart has and yes you are right. It has vertical storage just in case your child and their friends want to carry their snacks or goodies with them along with a safety flag so drivers can see that your child is on the road.

Sadly though it can only carry up to 120 lbs in weight so you hefty adults out there, sorry but you just cant ride this thing unfortunately…

What type of rating does this product get from customers and why?




5 stars is what I rate this folks.


This product has approximately 390 reviews saying mostly good things about this go kart. Customers report that their children have tons of fun on a speedy little device as they like to call it.

Its very durable and reliable and also can ride through multiple terrains. Safety is also one thing this dune buggy kart succeeds at the most since it has a nice steel frame , a safety flag , and even a seat belt!

How narly is that? I would recommend anyone on a budget to purchase this go kart. If you are interested in reading the reviews on this go kart on amazon you can look here.

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MotoTec 24v Solar Electric Go Kart

 Product: MotoTec 24v Solar Electric Go Kart


Cheapest place to buy:


My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars




This is a decent go kart. Its powered by solar electricity which is pretty awesome because investing in renewable energy is always the best option. It can also be charged by a power outlet but that’s obvious but the amazing thing is it can also be charged when not in use as long as the sun is out.

This go kart contains a 12 volt battery and can be driven for 2 whole hours , wow! The carrying capacity for this go kart is approximately 150 pounds. Due to the traction these wheels, it has the capability of traveling through many terrains which can be great for any child that wants to go on an adventure.

How fast is this go kart?

powered by a 350 watt dc motor this go kart is capable of hitting top speeds of a whopping 15 miles per hour ! That’s pretty fast for an electric go kart.

Although this go kart can go 15 miles per hour which is pretty zippy, the speed will be no match for any slopes or hills you encounter because this kart cannot travel on hills for its life, just a heads up for anyone that lives in an area filled with hills.

Is this product any good? How do customers who bought this product view it?




3 stars is what I rate for this product.


This is a decent go kart but it does have a few little flaws. There are a few reasons why I give this product a 3 star rating.

The battery can sometimes be a pain and gives a lot of trouble and even though it can be charged using solar power, its not like the go kart will be using from the solar energy but it will mainly use electrical power from an outlet to keep itself going which doesn’t really do anything beneficial.

Its a great kids go kart without a doubt and it runs really well but there are a few key features that makes having the full experience lack like going up hills for example which can actually be quite fun.

Interested in reading the reviews for this product? You can check them out here.

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Final thoughts?

These go electric go karts listed here are all definitely good go karts and have great quality. Some are better than others and some have their flaws but those can be easily dealt with for the most part.

I can honestly say from experience that the Razor drifter kart and the Razor Dune Buggy are the best electrical go karts out there when you are on a budget and I definitely recommend any of those if you plan on purchasing one of them.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment and Ill get back to you as soon as I can. I hope now you can know which go kart is best for you and fits your budget.

Thanks for visiting!

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