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OH NO! Did you break your blender ?

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Are you looking for a replacement but dont have as much money as you did before to spend on a blender? I know exactly how you feel. When something breaks on you it can be pretty rough because you have to fork out more money to either fix it or replace it.

You could save some money however…

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Either way there are ways you can save money on kitchen blenders. All that is required is to look for one that fits your budget. Simple right?

But usually cheap things aren’t good!

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Thats a common stereotype , but its not true in all cases. Im going to break down for you some cheap kitchen blenders that you can purchase and why you should purchase them.

All of these blenders listed here are going to be of good quality because I know your time is valuable and I respect that! If you want to just view some listings of cheap kitchen blenders on Amazon and Ebay, just click the links below!


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Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

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Want quality in your blender for a moderate price? Well the Ninja Professional Blender(NJ600) is definitely the way to go! With its powerful Ninja 6 blade technology with its combination of 1000 watt power , this blender can crush and blend about anything, even rock solid ice! no pun intended here.
How many ounces does it hold?
It has about 72 ounces of space which is a great amount if you want to make like large smoothie servings for the family. With that much capacity you could even throw some ice in there with a bunch of fruits and the blend will come out nice and creamy!
Comes with a pitcher and a lid plus there is an optimal amount of space in this blender and should suit any kitchen enthusiast!
Is it dishwasher safe?
Yes of course! Its dishwasher safe you can easily just place it in there without any damage being done and it should be cleaned, its that easy!
Also its important to mention that there is a cord storage which is detachable so you wont have to worry about any electrical problems in your dishwasher!
How good is this blender when it comes to crushing ice?
Its A1! 100% proficient. The blades that come with this blender are specifically made to crush ice as well as other things that are meant to blended.
Ninja likes to call this special feature that is used to crush ice in this blender the ‘total crushing technology’ meaning it will crush anything that is put into the blender, even something as hard as ice.
The Ninja professional blender(NJ600) even includes a blade speed option where you can even change the speed on which the blade will rotate to whatever you desire.
What have customers experienced with this blender, how good is it?
There are about 4225 reviews on this product and the average star rating for this product is about 4 and a half stars which obviously means that this product is kicking in a good way.
Feel free to read the reviews here.
Customers love how great this blender is at handling almost about anything that needs to be blended like for example rock hard ice.
You just have to be careful when handling this blender because it could break easily if not handled properly. The other feature that gets customer attention is the single serve option which means less work when it comes to cleaning the pitcher.
So do I recommend this blender for purchase? Definitely! The Ninja Professional blender provides the quality and flexibility that is needed in just about any blender.
Talk about getting your bang for your buck, check out this magic bullet blender with an 11x piece set! I personally know how good the magic is because I own this at my own home! I wish I wouldve bought this magic bullet 11 piece set because the one I have didnt come with so much supplies(11x pieces)!
How many ounces does the magic bullet hold?
It holds about 24 ounces. That’s a fairly decent size when it comes to the capacity needed to blend a simple formula. It has a 6 blade system that can cut through almost about anything, the only thing you have to look out for however is the fact that ice cubes cannot be cut up in this magic bullet because the blades are not strong enough.
So an alternative to that is using a refrigerator that has a crushed ice system or just crushing the ice yourself and then using it in the magic bullet.
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Whenever I use the magic bullet to whip up some of the fruit smoothies like you see above this , I use a good amount of fruits and yogurt and the magic bullet space capacity fairs pretty well against all of the fruits and yogurts I mix in there and it comes out great so the space is clearly not a problem!
Is this blender dishwasher safe?
 You could use this inside of your dishwasher but however it is not recommended. Why you may ask? The reason behind this is the rubber band that comes inside of the magic bullet that is needed to create blends.
It does not go very well with dishwashers as it can get damaged from all the chemicals that are inside of the dishwasher soap so usually I just hand wash it after I’m done using it because of that fact and also due to its small size which would not take long to hand wash anyway!
What experiences have customers(myself included) had with the magic bullet?
Its an excellent little blender in my opinion! The magic bullet has about 2487 reviews on Amazon and is rated an average of about 4 stars which means this product is definitely a good buy!
Feel free to read the reviews here!
I like the options magic bullet gives you and although you cannot crush ice cubes or change the blade speed this blender surely does the job right.
The container capacity is enough to make a good sized smoothie or shake and plus because of its small size you can carry it anywhere making this thing super portable which is always a plus! Would I recommend this blender? Without a doubt!
Final Say? 
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Both the Ninja Professional Blender(NJ600) and the Magic bullet 11x piece kit are definitely good blenders for purchase if you are on a spending budget.
Using these blenders I have created the most delicious smoothies and shakes I didn’t think were possible so the stereotype of cheap is bad is clearly incorrect and both these blenders prove it wrong by a long shot!
I hope this article helped narrow down a few cheap kitchen blenders and which ones were good for you!
Any questions? Feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can !
Thank you for visiting!

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