Cheap Lawn Mowers Sale – Huge Blowout!

Did someone just say a lawn mower blowout sale ? Yep there is currently one going on at right now as we speak!

I know exactly what your thinking right now..

why in the world is a tech guy talking about lawn mowers?! As much as I love tech , I also have a interest in home improvement as well.

I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve the space that I live in and having a nice trimmed lawn is definitely essential.

Instead of discussing specific lawn mowers , I’m just going to be listing the ones I recommend anyone to buy and you can go check out the lawn mower blowout sale currently going on at amazon and check out some lawn mowers you think best fit your style!


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Puolan Pro (Bunch of characters) Lawn Mower

                  Check it out!

This lawn mower is one of a kind. For 86 pounds it does quite the job but could be better. The engine is powerful , equipped with the reputable Briggs and Stratton engine which is a well known brand when it comes to home appliances.

Ever get that feeling of annoyance when your lawn mower just wont start so you have to prime it a certain amount of times?

Well save the date once you get this lawn mower up and running because you wont ever really run into that problem because after two pulls its guaranteed to start!

How awesome is that?

No need to worry about messy hands after putting oil in this lawn mower. Puolan integrated the check and add technological aspect so you have less work in the end.

All you have to do is check the amount of oil and add if more oil is needed, no need to take apart any integrated parts and add oil.

Dont hit the gym? not a problem , you dont have to use much muscle when pushing this lawn mower across your lawn because of its front wheel drive makes it much easier to push meaning you can spend more time touching up your lawn once you think your finished.

Husqvarna HU550FH Briggs Lawn Mower

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The Husqvarna lawn mower has better ratings on amazon than the Puolan pro does(See customer reviews here). Why is this you may ask? Lets see what this lawn mower has to offer us.

This 22 inch, 100 pound lawn mower comes with a 140cc Briggs And Stratton 550ex Series 4-Cycle Engine with Overhead Valve (OHV) design.

Front Wheel Drive? 

It also has a self propelled front wheel drive system which makes it easier to push, it seems like all newer lawn mowers have this feature.

The wheels located at the back are approxiamtely 12 inches while the wheels in the front are 8 inches providing great scale maneuverability through the grass.

The one great thing about this lawn mower is that its also not loud at all, its more quiet than other lawn mowers ive dealt with.

Good Reviews and user friendly?

Customers have reported that this lawn mower is one of the easiest lawn mowers they ever used. All thats required is a pull and then it starts right up. How awesome is that? Ever get bogged down in ditches in your lawn and your mower doesnt handle it well?

You arent alone in that one and luckily this lawn mower solves that problem by providing easy maneuverability as stated before because of the different sized wheels on this lawn.

The only negative thing I have to say and a precaution to every who plans on purchasing, DO NOT BUY FROM THE SELLER NAMED  Husqvarna WHEELED(CAPS).

They have bad reviews, buy from Husqvarna wheeled (non caps), which is the link I provided they seem to do a better job sending the lawn mower with everything included and provide flexible customer service.

BLACK+DECKER 15″ Corded Mower


  Check it out!

Best Electric Lawn Mower?

To all the people who prefer electrical lawn mowers more than gas ones, this one is the one for you. The black and decker 15 inch corded mower is intended for cutting productivity and corded power for advantageous yard mind, the BLACK+DECKER EM1500 corded trimmer with Edge Max begins effortlessly with only a push of a catch, offering a keen, no-mess other option to gas controlled grass trimmers.

You’ll spare time by wiping out the disappointment of draw strings, the bother of blending gas and oil, excursions to the service station, and motor support.

Highlighting a 10 amp engine and 15 inch light-weight deck, the EM1500 has a cutting stature scope of 1 inch to 3 inches, in addition to a helpful single lever tallness change raises or brings down every one of the four wheels at the same time.


The sturdy and lightweight cutting deck never rusts and is anything but difficult to clean. For advantageous stockpiling, the trimmer’s handle overlap down so it fits pleasantly in little spaces in sheds or carports.

Some portion of the BLACK+DECKER Edge Max family, this 15-inch trimmer’s wheels are situated in-accordance with the cutting edge, presenting to-the-edge cutting along wall and scene fringes.

Perfect for yards up to 3,750 square feet, the EM1500 additionally includes PowerDrive innovation, which offers high-torque cutting of tall and moist grass.

We Could All Use Tangle Free Rope

To help keep electrical strings tangle free, a rope wrap framework is mounted on the Trimmers for advantageous administration and capacity of energy ropes.

A power rope holder slides along the Trimmer’s handle to keep the power rope from acting as a burden or underneath.

Customer Satisfaction?

Customers who have bought this lawn mower have reported to have been pleased with this lawn mower. The most notable feature of this lawn mower is how it handles the way it travels.

This mower comes unassembled but takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and less if you know exactly what your doing.

Its also pretty effective for such a small lawn mower and perfect for cutting grass thats 5 inches or less. The only bad thing about this lawn mower is the fact that its chorded so sometimes that can be inconvenient but overall it functions well.

There are some negative reviews on this lawn mower but most people had good things to say about it and the majority wins right?


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