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Office chairs for sale…. where do I find good ones that wont break the bank?

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That has been the question some people have been wondering for a while. They seem to struggle with finding a good quality office chair on sale, hmm… Fear not for I am here to help!

I don’t want you to be stuck struggling on Amazon , reading the reviews on some listings of cheap office chairs sale(s).

So I have compiled a list of office chairs which are of good quality of course and on sale which you can order right now, today and have it delivered right to your door step! How awesome is that?!

So what makes an office chair good anyway?

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This is an important question which should always be asked when it comes to buying cheap things online because there are a lot of shady people on the internet, but there are also a lot of good things on the internet as well. So here are some qualities that make an office chair good!

  • Adjustability – this includes chair height, reclinability, seat depth, arm rests and of course lumbar support
  • Seat Material – looks aren’t everything and can be deceiving, comfort is key!
  • Mobility – how the chair moves around is important, be sure to look out for that!
  • Price Point – that’s why your here right?!

Those are what make an office chair good. Looking out for those can even improve your health (Back health). If you just want to cut to the chase and see quality build office chairs , click the links below!


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So what are the best office chairs?

  1. BestOffice Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair, Black

BestOffice knew what they were doing when they made this chair! Its packed with many great features that will keep you comfortable in any office setting like for example, its spring tilt control mechanism that keeps the chair in place.

What makes the BestOffice Chair so good?

  • Comes with an Air mesh backrest so you don’t end up sweating in hot temperature!
  • Arm rest
  • Recliner (up and down)
  • Tilt Control mechanism
  • Swivel Feature (This is expected by all office chairs!)

These are just some of the many cool features that this chair includes. It definitely passes the checklist for ‘what makes an office chair good’ I like to call it. From its recliner feature to even the tilt control mechanism, the crafting of this chair was definitely well thought and planned!

What are some drawbacks?

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Nobody is perfect, I’ve gotta learn it! Hannah Montana fans here anyone? Products also aren’t perfect either, everything made by humans has their flaws and there are minor flaws in this chair like the fact that it doesn’t come with a cushioned back rest and much option for tilting backwards.

That made me sad hearing it but BestOffice does have a point to their air mesh feature which keeps your clothes from having a puddle at the end of your shift!

What have buyers experienced with this office chair?

Its a good chair to buy! It currently has a 4 star rating on Amazon!! The only thing is , don’t lean back too much! When it comes to comfort and quality, I would give this a 4 star just because the whole leaning back thing which this chair doesn’t really support and I know there are a lot of people who like to do that.

The whole build process for setting this chair up is simple, it comes in parts that you can put together with instructions so that its easier for you to assemble.

One customer reported:

I would definitely recommend this chair to anyone who wants a budget office chair for comfort!

Click here to view this listing!

2. Hodedah Armless Task Chair, Black

This is your typical college dorm chair. Sadly it does not come with an arm rest but it does have all the other features that make an office chair good.

What are some notable features of this office chair?

  • Cushioned Back Rest
  • Swivel functionality
  • Easy mobility
  • Easy Assembly
  • Reclining feature (up and down)
  • Lean back feature

This is some of the functionalities that come with this chair that make it notable. It gets a score of 95% when it comes to what a good quality chair should have. I personally own this chair, but in grey and even as I write this blog, I’m sitting in it as we speak, its pretty comfy…

What are some drawbacks ?

As much as I admire this office chair, there are a few things to think about if you are considering this chair for purchase. For example , there aren’t any arm rest and this chair is meant for children and adults that aren’t of a big size.

The quality last for a good amount of time but ends up breaking according to customer reviews, for me it does just fine , I’ve had this chair for about 2 years and I weigh in at about 173 pounds.

What do customers have to say about this office chair?

Its a decent chair in my opinion. Its not the greatest chair in the marketplace but its also not the worse. I personally admire this chair but bad things have been said about it.

The few lacking features of this office chair might make it a drag for some people but for others who don’t mind the few missing features, you wont be upset. A review of this chair was left on stating:

So the Hodedah Office chair is a product that I would recommend for people that have a smaller body frame and dont weigh as much. The missing arm rest is just a minor feature which wont affect the overall performance of the chair!

Click here to view this listing!

3. Ergonomic Mid-back Mesh Computer Office Chair

“No Matter Where You Are, This Kind Of Chair Will Keep You Comfortable And Stable All Day. The Pneumatic Gas Seat Easily And Effectively Adjusted From Seat To Desk On Workstation. 360 Degree Swivel Wheel And Chair Can Be More Flexible In The Working Space. Our Item Will Allow You Have Comfortable And Safe Experience During Busy Working Days”. 

That is the slogan used by the creators of this chair. I’ve got to say, they don’t lie about the quality of this thing, its plus one! It has all the features that you would want in an office chair. What makes this office chair so notable though?

Here are some notable features about the Ergonomic Office Chair:

  • Arm rest
  • 360 swivel rotation
  • Recliner (Height adjusted by pneumatic gas lift)
  • Lean back feature
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easy Mobility
  • Cushioned back rest

These are just the few features that make this chair so great. The one feature that stands out in my opinion is the whole arm rest with the recliner feature. When reclining, it feels so natural and smooth.

What are some drawbacks?

I cant really think of any off the top of my head but I will tell you that the design is a little flawed with the whole aspect of the recliner lever being so far down.

I do fine with just about any recliner lever length because I have such long arms but people with short arms beware of this feature!

What have customers experienced with this office chair?

This chair offers the quality and features they are looking for! When it comes to comfort , this chair is definitely the way to go since it includes a cushioned back rest, an arm rest , and also a very convenient and comfortable recliner. One customer reported:

The Ergonomic chair is definitely the real deal! When it comes to looking for a cheap office chairs sale, this chair would definitely rank number one on my list! It offers the features and qualities needed in a office chair.

Click here to view this listing!


Final Verdict?

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So , now that you know a little bit about office chairs. You can hopefully make an informed decision on which office chair fit your style. Personally , I would like to say the Ergonomic chair is the best one because it provides so much flexibility!


So when looking through a cheap office chairs sale , just remember to look out to see if its cost efficient, provides comfort , and has good features of course! I hope this post helped you narrow down which chairs were best for you!

Any questions? Comment below and Ill get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for visiting!

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