diesel generators home use – sound unlikely?

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I know why your here right now…

Your confused on where to find good quality diesel generators, right? Well Im glad you came here! Im here to help you find the best quality diesel generators for home use that you can order right now without any risk or hassle although there aren’t many.

Ill include some specifications, best place to buy from online and provide you with reasons why you should purchase the products I mention as well as the experiences customers who have purchased the item have had with the item.

In this post ill only list good quality diesel generators so I don’t waste your time because your time is valuable right?

15000W 15Kw Diesel Powered Generator



This generator is definitely not the norm. Weighing in at 380kg this generator is easy to operate and maintain, has a control panel, voltage regulator, no-fuse circuit breaker, and an awesome safety feature of over current protection.  It has wheels at the bottom which make transporting this thing a whole lot easier.

This 15kw diesel generator is provided with settings that includes a high quality water cooled condenser which is perfect since the engine is built to work with any type of temperature condition.

This thing is weather proof?!

Yes you heard it! This generator was made out of material that was meant to go up against all types of weather conditions which can always be a benefit because you never know when you’ll need a diesel generator and what type of weather you’ll be in when you need it!

Whats the engine structure consist of in this generator?



Many amazing parts have been added to this generator to make up the great quality it has like for example, the engine is coupled with with an alternator through the v-belt , or you have an option of having it coupled directly with the alternator.

Safety is definitely important when it comes to this thing! It is rested on an anti-shock pad so in case any type of electricity comes in contact with both points, your body is safe.

The generator sets, as mentioned before have been fixed to a steel frame which have wheels to aid in easier transportation.

What about customer experience? Where do you buy?

The seller who sells this generator on ebay.com has a 98.3% positive feedback rating which is basically equivalent to 5 stars. You can view the reviews here.

They offer a 14 money day back guarantee if you find the generator to be something you don’t want after all which you probably will this generator because the customers who have bought this only have good things to say about this generator like how safe and easy it is to use.

It also even comes with a one year warranty and they even provide free parts which is amazing, the only thing though is you will have to pay shipping for those parts but the initial purchase will be free shipping.

Do I recommend? Definitely! This seller provides a good quality diesel generator with great customer service so don’t hesitate to purchase this generator!

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Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Diesel Powered Portable Generator

It seems wheels on these diesel generators are becoming more of a trendy convenience in order to attract customers. Weighing in at around 254 pounds, the Generac diesel powered generator is powered by a 10 HP single cylinder cooled engine.

It has two 120 volt outlets, one for a 120V/240V twist lock and the other 120V twist lock. It has an electric push to start button so start this should be very convenient.

can this be used in any weather?

Yes! for the most part this is weather proof. The steel frame allows for this to be used in any type of weather condition.

The design of this generator was implemented so that the outlets were under the hood of the generac symbol meaning that rain or snow cant cause electric shortages because the design blocks them from entering.

How is the engine? Whats the structure?

As stated before, this thing is powered by a 10HP single cylinder cooled engine, its industrial graded powered by Yanmar providing the best performance.

It also provides that user with less than 5% harmonic distortion for clean and smooth operation for sensitive electronics and appliances you may have plugged into the generator.

What do customers have to say about this generator?

Its a solid unit! customers who have purchased this unit from Amazon.com have been satisfied with the performance. Its a very heavy unit and it comes with two modes, a pull start and an electric push start. The pull start takes about 3 revolutions it does run for a really long time which is definitely a benefit.

The pull start could however pull through 2 revolutions while the electric push to start fires right up but it seems to fire on about the 3rd revolution on the electric push starter when the procedure with the pull starter is finished.

“When the generator is started, I realize that the motor is not a quite motor and the auto-throttle is basically open” a customer reported.

Do I recommend this generator? Of course! This generator has everything that is needed like the option between switching from pull to push to start and provides a safe and convenient way to power all of your devices!

you can read the reviews here.

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Final Say?


There aren’t many places you can just pick up a diesel powered generator and I didn’t want you looking all over the internet for generators powered by diesel because good ones really aren’t easy to find so I picked out these two special generators which I highly recommend you to purchase since there really isn’t a hassle when it comes on to returning the item if you don’t like it.

Plus these sellers have great ratings from their customers while providing them with good quality diesel powered generators that could last you a long time.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below and ill answer as soon as I can, thank you for visiting!

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