esee knives sale – where to find them!

Hunters , knife collectors , and enthusiast have always questioned which knife was the best?


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some people like to say the Jim bowie knife is the best while others say Jimping knives are the best.

Either way , this argument holds for debate.

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However , the Esee knife in particular is one very special knife. You can cut through just about anything with it , please don’t get any ideas….

This knife may be good but finding a sale for it can be tough. So where can you find a esee knives sale? How easy is it to find ?


Well it’s pretty simple, either you can go to a third party website or shop with Amazon,  you just have to find the right seller and I already did that work for you so you can go check out these listings below!


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ESEE Knives 1301ODB Avispa Black Finish


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Esee Izula II OD Fixed Blade Knife, 3in, OD Green Powder Coated Carbon Steel,...


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So what makes this knife so reputable ?

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Well the first thing that should be noted is what makes a knife good in the first place. This might seem obvious to most people but there are a few little key features that people often miss out on but what are they? If you know this stuff , you can skip the list.

What makes a knife a killer :

  • The design – everyone likes a sexy looking knife right?
  • The purpose of the knife – the purpose it serves determines if you need it or not
  • The blade form factor – how the blade is shaped will determine how much damage it will do
  • The size – small knives typically don’t do as much damage as larger ones but if that’s not what your looking for it doesn’t matter much
  • The handle – grip is an important factor when it comes to cutting
  • Reputation – how its perceived can determine the overall quality of the knife
  • Transport options – transportation and portability are always important and you should be as comfortable and flexible as possible

So now that you know what makes a knife of good quality, why is the Esee knife such a great knife?

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They are very well priced!

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With the pricing of the Esee knife , you cant go wrong because you end up saving a ton of money! A typical knife like this would range from anywhere from $120 – $200 dollars, and this knife is below this range !

The sheathing is level 100!

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You want to talk about price, well check out the sheathing that is made for Esee knives! They are durable , strong , and long lasting which any knife enthusiast needs!

Great finish and fit !

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The design is sexy, who can deny that?  From the blade to the handle , everything seems to be carefully crafted on this knife.

The warranty is good!

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Customer service seems to be their first priority when it comes to warranty. Depending on where you buy a Esee knife from, warranty is offered. If its straight from the manufacturer then warranty is a bundle with the knife so buying from the manufacturer is always a better option.

The quality is durable !

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It always a problem when it comes to knife, durability and how long they last. The Esee knife is a whole lot different however because its crafted for the toughest of tasks and to last the longest!

What is the Esee knife mainly used for ?

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It varies from the model of knife from Esee but I do know that most models could be used for survival and hard use. There are a few things to know when it comes to the two uses of the Esee knife.

survival – When it comes to grip it can be very solid, even when wet. When handling it seems to have good traction so whenever you are in a critical situation, defending yourself will be a breeze.-

Hard Use – Whether it would be cutting through meat or batoning, this knife has got you covered. I don’t wouldn’t use this knife for prying however although it could handle it for sure but I’m just afraid of what could possibly happen, just my personal preference.

What are some expected drawbacks in this knife?

Whether its the design, usability, or even the flexibility. There is always a design flaw when it comes to about every product and the Esee knife is no exception of course. What are they though ? You may ask.

I cant think of many because this knife is just that good! The only thing I could possible say is that this knife isnt the best when it comes to using it with the ferro rod which can be a huge drawback for some people but if that isnt much for you then you should be off the hook!

Lets not forget the people behind this knife!

Esee of course you might be thinking but they decided to feature Randall and his adventure & also training with the Esee brand.

Ill leave the video down below so you guys can go check that out!

Randall basically just goes through the basics of the Esee knife and how it can be used in ‘bush ventures’ also known as hunting, its impressive!

So what have customers said about the Esee knife?

Its an excellent knife! It currently has a 91% choice pick for people who thought the Esee knife deserved 5 stars, its that good of a knife!

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Customers who have purchased this knife have said that they like the fact that its small and you can easily carry it around.

One particular customer commented:

“Serves the purpose it was designed for very well- a small, lightweight utility knife. Easy to put a near razor sharp edge on this knife. Sheath holds the knife securely allowing for multiple carrying positions. Made in USA, really you can’t beat it for the price”.

So where can you find an esee knives sale and why is this knife such a good knife?

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The main marketplaces (Ebay and Amazon) supply these knives and there are sellers out there that sell them for a much lower price, you just have to find the right seller which I will link below.

The Esee Knife provides the flexibility and quality needed in any hunting mission and I 100% recommend this knife.

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Have questions about the Esee Knife? Comment below and Ill get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting!


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