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Are you looking for a Jim Bowie knife you could purchase for less than average price?

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Going on a hunting mission to find some animals to butcher?

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As morbid as that sounds , picking a perfect knife for hunting can be a struggle. When you come into contact with an animal that you desire to hunt and come into close contact and eventually strike , you’ve got to have a good enough knife to do some severe damage so not much effort will have to be done butchering it and the chances of escape or retaliation from the animal decreases.

Jim Bowie knives have a good reputation in hunting and quality!

Yes thats right! Jim Bowie Knives are the way to go! However these things are not easy to find , well at least when it comes to quality at a very low price…. Some people look all over the web to find these at a much lower discounted price but their attempts lack unsuccessful in most cases.

Here is some pictures of the best Jim Bowie Knives out there!

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Where can you find sales for these Jim Bowie Knives?


Believe or not, some of the main online marketplaces sell them (Amazon and Ebay) but you just have to look for the right sellers to buy from, Ill include a list of a jim bowie knife sale that you can check on either Ebay or Amazon below!

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Alamo Jim Bowie Knife


Remember the Alamo! remember the Alamo! Who has seen ‘The Alamo’ movie based in San Antonio Texas where the Alamos fought againsts the Mexicans who were trying to gain their independence from the United States.

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Believe it or not (fun fact by the way), the Jim Bowie Knife was actually based off of this movie and a character called Jim Bowie which they named the knife after when he was using it to slay so much things! That is where the reputation of the quality of this knife actually came from.

Butchers and hunters all over the nation seek to the Alamo Knife for their hunting solutions because of the quality this knife has to offer. Keep in mind that this is not just a regular Jim Bowie Knife, but this is the Alamo version which is far par in hunting and does intensive damage

How good is this as a collectible ?


Very good! I actually recommend using this as a collectible rather than a hunting because the shank is a little too small so your grip wouldn’t really be enough to do any serious damage so keeping this as an item to just hang on your wall is something I would recommend. It also comes with the whole cool stealth feature which could always be a benefit.

What have customers reported with the use of the Bowie? Is it recommended?

Without a doubt! The Alamo Jim Bowie Knife is rated really high on Amazon with about 4 stars with 42 customer reviews! Feel free to read customer reviews here!

Its a great knife and could serve for both purposed, either being used as a collectible or just as a general hunting knife. One thing that could be improved on this knife however is the shank is very delicate and could break very easily so I would recommend reinforcing the design of the shank to a much stronger build.

Buyers have reported that this knife ‘acts like the original Jim Bowie Knife’ when it comes to length, width , and of course the quality it provides.

One particular customer reports “Like many who bought this knife, I had wanted one since I was a kid in grade school watching John Wayne’s “The Alamo”, “The Iron Mistress” and Scott Forbes’ tv series ” The Adventures of Jim Bowie”. On the other hand, as an adult over half a century later, I did not want a hundred dollars worth of nostalgia.

I carefully read all the reviews to see if this was a working knife and not a wall decoration. Taking the plunge several months ago I am pleased to report that this bowie will do what the originals did.
As with all my bowies I gave it the Caney Creek Field Test, chopping my way to the creek through a jungle of sticker trees, green briers, vines and weeds taller than I am.

Despite my misgivings about the hollow grind blade, it did not bend or chip and it held its serviceable edge on several expeditions”.


So this is a knife I definitely recommend since its not only meant to be a collectible knife but can also be used as an official Jim Bowie Hunting knife!

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Final say?


Most people who will visit this blog post would already know about the Jim Bowie knife and all the specs and details there is behind it , and one of those includes cost.

Finding a budget Jim Bowie Knife can be pretty difficult consider that it is in the collectibles category and we all know when it comes to collectibles, the prices can be pretty steep.

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These things usually range for $150 dollars at least! This is why I’m going to link you to a few listings on Jim Bowie knives I found for a lower cost than the average with great customer reviews !

I hope this guide helped you and at least directed you to the direction of Jim Bowie knives you can purchase on a budget.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below and Ill get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting!

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