philips wake up light reviews – personal perspective

So it seems like the philips wake up light has started to become a flashy trend for those snoozers who cant get up out of their beds. Hmm that sounds a lot like me!

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Not liking your traditional alarm clock?

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Yeah me either. I feel forced when it wakes me up, like someone throwing a bucket of water on my face. Studies have shown that your traditional alarm clock is an unhealthy way of waking up.

So the Philips wake up lamp HF3500 is definitely something you should resort to but…

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However , people with this problem really dont know if the philips wake up light best suites their needs. I was there once my friend and I am here to help you make your final decision on whether you should purchase the philips wake up light or not.

I will be providing a list of pictures of the philips wake up light and some really unique features that come with it.

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Although this article wont provide an in depth review of it, by the end you will have a good idea if it best fits you or not!

Here are some pictures of the Philips wake up light! :

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So you look how it looks aye ? Now since you’ve gotten a taste of what the Philips wake up light looks like, I will give you a inn depth review of this wake up light and by the end of this article you will know which Philips wake up light fits your style!


So the Philips wake up light, what is it ? Well all it is , is essentially a less annoying version of your alarm clock. It helps you wake up in the mornings of course! It has a light surrounding the time so you can rise up bright and on time ha-ha!

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Philips likes to put that phrase as ‘the light therapy lamp for improving your sleep, energy , and well being!’, so clearly Philips cares right?

Ever wake up in the morning and just feel like straight crap ?

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Yeah a lot of people get this feeling but the Philips wake up lamp is designed so that you can wake up happy every morning. Sounds great right?

What are some notable features in this Philips wake up lamp?

There are many that can help you improve your sleep! Its like Philips designed this to help you wake up feeling good while making it fun.

What fun you may ask?

Here are some notable features of the Philips wake up lamp:

  • All-Round light alarm to improve sleep and have you waking up naturally and healthy

  • Sunshine alarm which improves your ability to function every morning, no more coffee!

  • The Tap to snooze Alarm Feature as well as the beep function ensure you are awake on time!

  • Adjustable Brightness settings

  • Comes with an FM Radio

  • No need to replace the bulb

  • Not to hot at all

So how do these features actually make you wake up ? Is this some sort of trick?!

No! Of course not!

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Philips used a genius tactic to create this product. They found that humans wake up feeling more refreshed and nice after the sun fully rises to wake them up! The increasing light from sunrise stimulates the body to wake up naturally and comfortably.

In love with the sun in your face?

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If you answered no , I’m very sorry, but Philips also included a feature that gradually raises the brightness of the lamp 30 minutes before your wake-up time so your room is filled with a simulation that ‘looks like the sun’ which will make you happy to wake-up! I promise the light isn’t too bright!

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Once the light has made the room completely bright, a solemn beeping sound is the last step of the process , leaving for the day that is ahead. This method of awaking for human beings has been proven to be an effective and natural way of waking up.


How does this improve your health? You may ask?

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Well, this thing was made artificially intelligent so it could test your current sleep pattern and tell you what you should do to improve it! Sounds cool right?

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When it comes to your traditional alarm clock, usually sleep patterns are disrupted because the human body naturally wakes up from a trance of sleep whenever its ready and when you have an annoying alarm clock ringing every 5 minutes, that could just be lethal to your health.

Philips did a really good job of testing sleep patterns and integrating them into a alarm clock that gradually improves your sleeping health which is why I recommend this 100%!

The bad?

I cant really think of many but there are a few drawbacks that some people wouldn’t be to fond of but what are they ?

  • Snooze feature might make some people oversleep

  • Some people don’t like bright light in their faces

  • Beep function might annoy some people

  • Buttons are very small

  • No dim feature

These are the only drawbacks I can think of when it comes to something like this but they are little issues and when it comes to the good things that the Philips wake up light features, they outweigh the bad by a long shot!

What do customers have to say about their purchase of this wake up light?

I would say 5 out of 5 stars! The sleek , compact design and innovation for improving sleeping conditions has been a game changer ever since Philips decided to come out with this product.

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Many customers on Amazon say this light helped their sleep overtime and drastically improved them.

One particular customer wrote:

So this thing is the real deal and helps people with bad sleeping conditions all of the time. I 100% recommend this product !

Final Verdict?

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The Philips Wake up light is a great product! With all of the cool features it comes with like its FM radio and the whole making the light brighter as your wake up time approaches make this product 1000x better than your traditional alarm clock.

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Although it is lacking a few features like dimming the light or making the buttons a bit larger, these drawbacks shouldn’t be a huge problem because the good features outweigh the bad.

Are you ready to start improving your sleep?  Head over to Amazon right now and order!

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So did you like this Philips wake up light reviews? If so comment below and Ill get back to you as soon as possible!


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