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You want that awesome tennis ball machine right? Of course you do but I know what your catch is….. you want it for a low price, very very understandable. Not everyone has $1000+ dollars to spend on a tennis ball machine!

I mean I know I wouldn’t for sure! So where can you find a tennis ball machine sale? I have the perfect marketplace and once I say this you might be surprised but its a widely known marketplace,

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There are many listings but you just have to find the right seller. Luckily I did all of that work for you in finding a good seller which will be linked in this post.

Amazon has some good ones too but they are a bit more expensive so unless you are willing to spend a few extra bucks , then Ebay is the way to go! Ill link listings of tennis ball machine sales below on both marketplaces for you to check out!



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Image result for quickstart tennis ball machineProduct: Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Cheapest Place To Buy:

 My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Satisfaction guaranteed: 100% guaranteed


Tennis season is coming up and maybe you don’t have a partner to practice with for some reason, could be many reasons but you want something to throw balls at you so you can hit it right back over.

One of my rich buddies that I play tennis with owns this QuickStart machine, hes pretty lonely. The QuickStart tennis ball machine can do that job for you!

It comes with so many awesome features that make this tennis ball machine rated numero uno in my books.

For example…:

  • Designed for beginners

  • Perfect for the 36′ and 60′ and 78′ courts!

  • Shoots new & used Quickstart felt balls!

  • Shoots at speeds 14-30mph-safety first fellas

  • Can shoot at desired speed

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If this doesn’t seem cool to you then, I don’t know what will. Its crazy how machines are already replacing humans in certain aspects of life.

I don’t know about you but if this thing had arms and a racket I would play tennis with it every single day! You might be asking yourself this question right now, okay but what about this tennis ball machine makes it different from every other tennis ball machine?

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Why should I buy it?

Good question! I’m going to do you the favor and break down the product feature specifications so you know about more the QuickStart Tennis Ball Machine has to offer.

Its unique design for beginners!  

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How is it specifically designed for beginners you may ask? Well that is because the QuickStart comes with a cool feature that you can use to drill beginners.

This Tennis Ball machine is basically programmed by expert tennis trainers who are great with training beginners from knowing nothing to being able to play tennis at decently.

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So this tennis ball machine is essentially a trainer if you think about it. It’ll serve the ball at the right speed and direction that any beginner has comfort to learn with!

The size courts it can handle

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The typical standard size for a tennis court is about 78′. However, court sizes can vary depending on how much money is willing to be spent per square foot so its not uncommon to see courts that are between 36′ and 60′ feet.

The Flexibility provided in this tennis ball machine is astonishing!

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No pun intended but yes indeed, you have so many options and the size court you play on is one of them! All that is required is for you to change the settings to fit whatever court size you are on and you are good to go! That’s how easy it is to use the Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine!

Shoots new & used quickstart felt balls…!

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Now this might sound depressing to some people because they think this tennis ball machine is only compatible with one type of ball but that’s simply not the case!

As long as the ball is of felt texture, you should be good! However I would examine closely to see if the ball is made of felt material because it can be really tricky!

Ball speeds between 14mph-30mph!!

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This is the perfect speed beginners can handle with. Even if you don’t end up becoming a pro but want to get to that level, 30 miles per hour will do it good for you!

Oh but I’m just a beginner, I cant play tennis!


Don’t worry you will be fine ! You can adjust the speed that the tennis ball shoots out on this tennis ball machine which proves to be really convenient because you can investigate and see which speed you are comfortable with instead of having dead-end options between certain speeds!

It can be very helpful!

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Oh and fun fact, this QuickStart tennis ball machine comes with two delivery which of course spin in the same direction so it doesn’t end up top spinning! The wheels are separated by larger sections to accommodate larger ball size as well as average ball sizes.

Customer reviews?

They are rated well on Amazon! Rated at about 4 stars! There are also videos you can check out on YouTube by just typing in ‘QuickStart Tennis Ball Machine Overview’ but for a person who has encountered this on various occasions and played matches against it, its a very powerful tennis ball machine.

I think it would be a great investment not only for teachers who wish to train their students to play tennis but also regular tennis players who wish to train alone with flexible settings this Tennis ball machine has to offer!

One particular customer wrote: 

Final Verdict?

As stated before, there are a lot of features integrated in this tennis ball machine that make it a great choice for selection. Its flexibility and many features provided also aid in creating the Quickstart tennis ball machine into a beginner friendly device.

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Not only can beginners have a fun time with this but pros can as well. All it takes is the click of a button to change the settings and your on your way to having fun and getting better at tennis!

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Any questions? Feel free to comment below and Ill get back to you as soon as possible!

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